HerkuLess® - Manage and execute LEAN and Six Sigma projects.

Reduce project lead times and increase savings with HerkuLess® for LSS project automation.

Select, execute and monitor your projects on lead-time reduction and quality improvements. Working on business excellence starts here.

Be in control of all active projects and actions

Are you responsible for a department or a company? Then you want to know which projects are running, who is involved in them and what is the current situation. With HerkuLess® you will be able to see in one glance which projects are active, who is involved and which department is working on them. WATCH DEMO >

Measurable and transparent project results

HerkuLess® provides a simple data entry interface which helps you to automatically visualise and statistically describe data, including in calculations such as averages and process limits. No need for additional software nor should you be an spread-sheet guru. WATCH DEMO >

Gain full insight in project status

HerkuLess® offers full insight in how each project is progressing with respect to the planning, giving you the tool to interfere and manage towards a shorter lead-time and a better project result. WATCH DEMO >

Execute your projects quickly

In HerkuLess® problem statements and objectives are automatically pre-defined on the basis of many years of experience with improvement projects. Project definition and formulation of SMART objectives won’t be seen as time-wasters by the team anymore. Due to its tabular set up, you and your team know exactly which step to take. WATCH DEMO >

Maximise your ROI with any of these editions.

Customer Success Spotlight

Customer X improves order-to-cash processes and strengthens financial results.

“Herku with its platform, HerkuLess®, helped us monitor our activities to take out process wastes. This led to increased employee productivity and lower costs.”
Reduce costs and improve quality. HerkuLess® is here to help.
Years of experience in different industries and hundreds of projects and students, the simplified Lean Six Sigma proved its effectiveness many times over. One of the key success factors is to be well-supported in your business excellence efforts with technology and expert coaching. This gave birth to HerkuLess®, the first web based application specially designed to help you follow the steps during your project execution and to get expert coaching along your journey.
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