HerkuTrack® Pro

$175.45 / month

HerkuTrack® – online feed-back analysis software specially designed to know where to improve.

  • Custom tailored and statistically verified questionnaire
  • Instant feedback visualization
  • Continuous monitoring of results on 6 layers
  • Data analysis in 6 clicks to know exactly where to improve the business
  • 24/7 online access from all of your devices

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The problem with customer- or employee satisfaction measurements is that you do not know where exactly you need improvements and how to do it. And if you improve the business process, your measurements on satisfaction is too low in frequency, therefore you do not get immediate assurance that improvements are made.

If your customers or employees are divided in regions, departments and groups you would like to visualize the feedback result according to this structure to be able to make comparison of performance and to drill down to the core problem.

With HerkuTrack® you are able to measure stakeholders feedback on a continuous way and not only periodically. You are able ask the right and relevant questions for your unique business or unit, instead of a pre-defined set of a bureau. You also can get your questionnaire statistically tested using Lean Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis to avoid biased results.

HerkuTrack® collects your feedback via online forms and the results are immediately plotted on the graphs showing the trend.

Due to its structured data set-up, you can easily drill down from the overall results to the lower layers of data to compare results per eg. regions, locations, teams, etc. This visualization helps you and your team to focus on improving where it is needed the most. Because you can drill down to the individual responses, you can easily spot the pain points and can judge the magnitude of the situation (only 1 respondent or more having the same dissatisfaction on a certain area).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go into debt to buy this product?

Having non-stop insight in client and employee satisfaction will give you the information you need to improve your organisation, tune it to the expectations of your clients and increase its profitability.

Why should I choose this product instead of another one?

Herkutrack® is unique in its sort as it gives you continuous insight in your satisfaction numbers at different levels, enabling you to intervene as soon as you see the need. It is also highly flexible as you can put together your own questionnaires, making sure you get the info you really need.

Why should I buy it now instead of waiting?

The earlier you get it, the earlier you can start improving.

Why should I pay more instead of paying less for a similar product?

Herkutrack® offers unique characteristics. It is highly flexible and helps you to get the data you need at the level you need, presenting them right away in clear graphs.

Why should I buy it from you?

As an expert in Lean Six Sigma process improvements helping companies and professionals from all over the world, from Manufacturing, Technical Services, Maintenance, IT, Healthcare industries, I have found that getting continuous feedback from your clients and employees is of the utmost importance when seeking to improve your organisation. Based on my years of experience I know what  support you need to collect and use your feedback data.


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