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About Peter Herku

Peter Herku is a Dutch-Hungarian entrepreneur, author, trainer and coach. He is the founder of Herku®, the platform for Operational Excellence.

Having obtained a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, completing an MBA and working for 12 years in Finance, Peter discovered the measurable way of improving both profitability and company culture. He is specialised in implementing business improvement program at small- and medium size companies in Manufacturing, Service and Healthcare industries.

Peter has simplified Lean Six Sigma to make it practical, easily and applicable in any company and in any job.

Peter lives with his wife, Berlinde, and 7 children in the forests of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Continuous Improvement In Your Industry


Achieve Better Care Quality, Customer Focus And Lower Costs


Scrap Reduction And Higher On-Time-Delivery With Operators Involvement


Doing It First Time Right.With Customer-Centric Agile Teams. Faster Responses, Better Communication.

Continuous Improvement In Your Job



Shortening Reporting Cycles To Better Serve Business Needs And Enable Faster Decision-Making


Smart Human Resource Management With Better Processes


Work On Operational Excellence To Reduce Set-up Times, To Improve On-time-deliveries And To Increase Productivity

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