The main question I have today is how to become an highly effective, highly efficient team, a highly productive company.

If you are responsible for the profitability of a company or a department or you have a team that you lead?

Then you have to deliver performance!

The big question is how can you improve your team? How can you improve the performance or the financial results?

There are three main ingredients to achieve this:

1. A method.

With a method comes a selection of tools that you can apply. Tools you can learn together with your team and apply to your situation.
What do I mean by that? For example, if you used Lean or Six Sigma – you can apply the problem-solving tools of Lean Six Sigma.
For example in reducing lead time of your production process or improving the on-time delivery or accuracy of your service department or you can improve the quality of HR department, improve the onboarding rate and onboarding process within HR.
These are a few examples.

So number one. You need a method to learn and to apply
in order to get better as a company and to work on continuous improvement of your processes and results.

2. Organize the change

The second ingredient is you need to organize the change.
This will mean you have to change the way you are organized. You will need coaching within your company. What do I mean by that? You have to have people who run improvement projects like I mentioned before. Projects that improve productivity. Projects that improve customer satisfaction. And those projects are led by your key people
They are often called green belts because they learn to apply the method in a real-life situation and those people need coaching. The best coaching is done by their supervisor, their manager. So you have to have the structure that your managers
coach their team members on their projects and that the managers get coached by the higher level management or by an external consultant.

So you have to make sure that your organization supports the continuous improvement projects and that these will be supported and facilitated by coaching, which should be embedded in the hierarchy of your organization.

3. Establish a routine

The third ingredient you need is a routine. So you have to embed the improvement projects, and the coaching and monitoring of these projects in your routine, like in your weekly meetings, in your monthly status report. So you have to have it in your schedule. It has to have a fixed place that your project team members, led by the green belt project leader come together every week at the same time for an hour, an hour and a half maybe, to work on the improvement projects. this will enable them to solve situations, increase customer satisfaction and improve financial results.,
Apart from that, your managers need to have it in their (bi-)weekly schedule that they have a coaching session with their
And so on, so you have to have it in your schedule, in your weekly or monthly schedule that you discuss the project, you review the progress and look at the hiccups or hurdles that the management should help solve.

The three ingredients to become a continuously improving company summarized:

  1. An easy-to-use method that applied to real-life projects
  2. Organizational support, coaching within the organization
  3. Creation of a routine. Make it part of your weekly, monthly, quarterly schedule to discuss the improvement projects.

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