Previously, in past articles, we’ve talked about Lean Six Sigma, a productivity philosophy that reduces wastes and increases profitability, and it can be put into practice in any company.

But, to have a solid knowledge and full understanding of this philosophy make take a long time. Nevertheless, there is an automated tool that helps you evaluate your company’s processes and easily identify waste. We’re talking about HerkuLess.

Behind a great invention, there is always a brilliant mind. We spoke with Peter Herku, founder of HerkuLess, about this magnificent tool and how this great invention came about. Here are some notes of our conversation:

Can we say that HerkuLess is a digital tool to implement the Lean Six Sigma philosophy in a company?

Yes, you could say that by using HerkuLess your company implements the LSS philosophy in a practical way. Identifying bottle-necks, running LSS projects in HerkuLess to remove those issues changes the way your people think and work.

How did it come to your mind to create a software that englobed the Lean Six Sigma principles?

I ran into problems myself by not having an easy-to-access database on the projects. So when my customers asked about the project status, we had to scrape data together to give the answer. It took me and my colleagues a lot of time to be able to report the project status when we were coaching and coordinating 20+ projects at different business units. Project documentation was in different directories, in different formats like MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

So having a quick overview about the status of the projects – who is running which project and how far is the project completed – was the first reason I needed HerkuLess because it provides you as a manager or CEO with an inmediate overview of the projects without you needing to ask your project managers to report to you.

The second reason had to do with how to run a Lean Six Sigma project, what are the steps and what tools to use when and how to use them. I wanted to make sure that Green Belts and Black Belts (project managers) followed the same process during project execution. You could say: HerkuLess streamlines Lean Six Sigma project execution. This saves time and reduces mistakes because you don’t need to figure out what to do next in your project, nor how to do it. It is all built in in HerkuLess.

The third main reason for creating HerkuLess has to do with the fact that in companies there is only a limited number of professionals who can analyze data. You know, a Lean Six Sigma project is based on measuring current performance (like lead times, scrap rates, customer satisfaction, etc.) and after a sound root-cause analysis the team will test new idea’s and will measure the improved performance to judge their success. You see: collecting, plotting and analyzing data is an essential part of Lean Six Sigma. And there is shortage of resources – people, time, software – to analyze data. Not many people are good with MS Excel, know how to plot an average line and the upper- and lower control limits, how to calculate the standard deviation. Not every company can afford to purchase statistical software like Minitab.

I wanted to solve this problem in HerkuLess by making data analysis automated. You only enter a few data points and all the graphs are created for you.

What makes HerkuLess the leader in continuous business process improvement?

It is simplifying the way continuous improvement can be achieved and monitored, making use of today’s technology. It reduces training time and makes the process of applying Lean Six Sigma “idiot-proof”.

Who are HerkuLess’s ideal customers?

Companies above 50 employees are the most suitable, because processes tend to become more and more complex as the company increases in size. There is no limitation to verticals because we work with manufacturers, service companies, healthcare organizations. The most important factor is for the top management to have the ambition to improve every area of the business continually. Without that commitment HerkuLess will not be able to help.

What makes HerkuLess the best option for people to help them solve all the problems they have with their company?

You do not need expensive Lean or Six Sigma training or expensive consultants to make progress and reduce lead times, reduce mistakes and save costs. HerkuLess makes the process of improving almost a non-brainer.

Watch this short demo on HerkuLess now!

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