I would like to ask you one question:

If you are responsible for delivering products or services to customers…

How important is it to improve the customer satisfaction?

I think all can agree that it’s very important. Why? Because customer satisfaction guarantees you sales, guarantees your continuity, and if your customer is not satisfied, at the end, you will lose your sale, you will suffer, and you will have financial difficulties.

Improving customer satisfaction is everybody’s business. Every business should be constantly working on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Today I would like to show you three basic steps to improve customer satisfaction. My name is Peter Herku and I help companies to improve their customer satisfaction on a measurable way, together with their employees and with their teams in a way that is transparent and measurable, and teams are really enjoying the way we do it.

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So bear with me and I would like to show you three basic steps to improve customer satisfaction. Before we do that, let’s talk about what are the consequences of improving customer satisfaction.

Area’s of Customer Satisfaction

If customer satisfaction is number one, you would like to improve that in every area of your business. To do that you will also need to work on how to improve the satisfaction of your employees, your teams, because if they are not satisfied, the way they work, the way they are treated, the way they have any say in delivering products and services to the customers, they will not be happy. So they should be happy as well.

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction is very strongly correlated.

Secondly, if you work on customer satisfaction and you were also able to improve employee satisfaction, you as an organization, as a company, will work much better.

Focusing on these two, on your customer and your employee will give you, as a bonus, let’s say that your organization will be more like a good oiled machine. They will work much better together, every part, but for now just think about how you can improve customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

3 Pillars Of Satisfaction

I’ll show you three ways to improve that, and are closely related with each other. If I help companies to work on their customer satisfaction and their efficiency, we always focus on three main areas, because every customer, they that could be also your internal customer, like your employees, like your next colleague, like your next department. They’re also your customers.

Customer is happy and satisfied if three areas, three elements are in balance. It has to do with quality of the product, the service, the report, the semi-finished product, whatever I get from my supplier should satisfy my quality requirement. I will explain to you what it means.

Quality is important, but it’s also important the time aspect, the time it takes that I get it. How long do I have to wait to get it? How quickly is my question answered by the help desk? What is the frequency that I receive something?

So it’s not only quality that I receive, it has also to do with time, and certainly it’s the costs that I have to pay as a customer to use the product or service of my supplier. It’s also important, and costs you can also sometimes translated into effort, the energy I have to put in to make use of what I ever received.

Customer Requirement Matrix
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So just remember these are very important area.

You have to work on your quality, you have to work on your time or efficiency, and costs that you are required. You have to work on these three areas to satisfy your customer.

This is also true for satisfying your employees. I’ll show you why.

How To Increase Employee Satisfaction

If the quality of their work is not good or has many mistakes or they have to redo stuff, they are not satisfied. If the time it takes to complete work to produce enough units or to deliver a report or to answer a question. If it takes too long for employees, they will be not happy.

They get used to it and that’s the biggest problem. We are all used to the inefficiencies in our work, but they are not happy at the end. They would say, “Oh I need so much time to correct, to look for information, to look for answers. That takes me a lot of time.” They are not happy about it.

Certainly costs, at least they have to bear, or the energy they have to put in, the effort they have to make can be also too much, and that goes in employees’ dissatisfaction as well. If I don’t understand your question, I don’t understand what my boss is asking me to do. If I’m not sure about what to do, what my responsibility or task is, it cost me too much energy to to cope with it, to find out, to find out that it’s not good what I’m doing.

That makes me not happy, not at all.

Interestingly, if you work on these three areas, improving quality, reducing time or improving efficiency, and reducing costs and reducing effort needed to do the work, you are causing your employees to be more and more happy and you will also satisfy your customers better.


So remember quality, efficiency or time, and costs or energy. These are the areas that you should work on to continually increase the satisfaction of your customers AND your employees. As a result: your company will run smoothly like a well oiled machine.

If you want to learn more, how to do it, how to do it in a measurable or a transparent way that employees enjoy and that’s also satisfying more and more of your customers, I would like to invite you to Herku XL. That’s my new training platform. You can find more information on it at herku.com/herkuXL.

You can start there for free for 14 days and to learn which tools you need, which method that you can use to identify your biggest problems. Is it about quality, is it about efficiency, or is it about cost? And you get very practical tools and methods that you and your team, your colleagues can apply in their daily work to save time, improve quality, and reduce costs, and at the end, enjoy the work much more and satisfy more and more customers.

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