daily transfers

67% less transfers per day

By clearly formulating the content of the care transferals and communicating this to the employees, € 38,000 per year was saved and 3 hours a day was freed up for the clients at this location.



The problem on one of the locations of this care institution was that registration and reporting by and transferals between the employees were very time consuming. Besides that, many errors were made in the administrative activities and the desired content of the reports was not always clear for the employee.



The data analysis by our consultants showed that 21 transferals took place per day on this location each with a time span of 11 minutes. The desired content of the report was often not communicated well to the employee, making them feel reporting was a waste of time.



Together with our team we were able to define the content of the reports. With that information we were able to reduce the amount of transferals with 67% per day (from 21 to 7). The duration per transferal was also reduced with 28% (from 11 minutes to 8). Through this 3 hours per day were saved at this location, time that can be spend with clients. The potential savings of this project are estimated at € 38,000 per year.

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