I would like to discuss with you four wins in two weeks. I was just thinking, should I talk about Corona crisis again, like lot of people do. I cannot get around it actually because it’s really this crisis that made me realize that there are things that I can share with you about what I have learned in last two weeks. Actually, four things that I would like to discuss.

#1 Remote Learning

First is remote learning. Corona crisis has made us realize that remote learning is a real thing. Schools don’t want it, teachers don’t want it. Everybody rather goes to the school because children taken care of there. So, we do not need a babysitter and teachers can stay with their old ways of teaching from books and counting on that children are present, and now they realize that they are able to do it using the internet.

Of course, they need some tools for that, but it’s all available for years, and years, and years now, like Skype, like Zoom, like Microsoft Teams or whatever. And it’s possible. Of course, everybody needs to learn how to use it and teachers needs new skills to apply these tools, but it’s possible.

That’s what I already doing it for 10 to 11 years now. Teaching companies, teaching individuals how to use Lean Six Sigma, how to improve their work, how to reduce costs, how to reduce lead times.

And this is what I also offer now, it’s not 14 days free, but it’s … Yes, 14 days free, sorry. That you can try out at HerkuXL®. So, it’s remote learning and by now you know it’s definitely possible to learn from a distance.

Second thing that Corona crisis had made us realize that working remotely is an option.

#2 Remote Working

Many companies do not want to start with it, but as you know, parents has to stay home these days with their children and they have to work as well. Their managers, supervisors needs new skills that it was not really present until now. Like, how can their team know what to do or how to work?

The managers are more forced to trust their team, their employees. Because until now, if you are present in the company at your work Monday morning, then that’s the first thing that you have achieved, but now you are not present, you are at home.

So, are you really working? How can a manager judge your work? It’s not about the number of hours you work and that’s good. That’s a big change.

It’s not about your time you spend pretending that you work, but actually what you are achieving. So, that’s something managers needs to know, needs to learn with this remote working, how to evaluate someone’s work based on the output they deliver.

And we, again, need some supporting tools to work remotely, but it’s all available. It’s all easy to use. Skype, Zoom, all kind of webinar tools are all available. So, now we are really forced to use it.

Work with HerkuXL® remotely on your business bottle-necks.

If you want to learn and work from remotely on your bottlenecks in your businesses, like if you have mistakes in registration, in administration, that’s why you are not able to invoice quickly.

Your business needs cashflow coming in. So, you should reduce those mistakes or avoid them completely, or improve online on-time delivery. If you are a service company or a production company, you can all learn it and you can work on it remotely.

#3 Travel Less, Pollute Less

The next win that we have realized due to this crisis, is that we travel less and we pollute our air less. And that’s a big, big win.

You know, all this politicians spent days, weeks discussing how to reduce CO2 emission, how to improve the environment, and in just a few weeks we achieved a tremendous win. Our air is cleaner than ever before. The smoke map above China is really not to be compared with two weeks ago.

So, we have realized that we don’t have to travel as much. We can work from home, we don’t have to be always there at our work and that has a huge, huge impact on our environment.

HerkuXL® to reduce travel time and improve profits

If you want to use HerkuXL® and learn, you can use it anytime you want, without any travel. You can use any device you want. You can try it out for 14 days for free, free of charge, no credit card required and you save the environment, you save your travel time. You do not spend useless hours in your car or in the bus, but you really spend on value adding time while you are learning.

#4 Develop Disciplines

The fourth thing that we have realized that we can also develop our discipline. Information we got from the television, from the news saying that we should avoid going in groups.

We should avoid going to parks where many people are, that we should keep distance from each other, at least one and half meters. And, of course, we learn it, we hear it.

Information is repeated so we learn how to apply it and we also help each other to remember to have a discipline of following up those instructions. So, we can learn it, it’s possible.

And talking about discipline, if you have a discipline to study 10, 20 minutes every morning using herku.com/herkuxl, you will develop also your continuous improvement mindset that you will need when you work remotely, or after the crisis that maybe you go back to your work.

Daily 10 minutes of disciplined learning at HerkuXL® creates Continuous Improvement mindset.


To summarize what we have seen in the last couple of weeks, is that we have seen two big laws of nature applied and we use this also in Lean Six Sigma at HerkuXL.

Big laws like Parkinson law and Pareto law are in action. What does it mean?

With Parkinson law, we say that we use the resources that are available. With other words, less resources and they still can do it with less. We have no luxury to travel, yet we still can work. We have not the luxury that we go and spend hours in schools. No, we have less time. We do it on a distance with remote learning and still we are able to learn more and more. We have not a luxury to travel, to spend hours in a car every day to go to work, and still we can go, we can still work remotely. So, we are able to use less resources and still kind of cope with our situation. So, that’s Parkinson law.

Pareto law says that we have to focus on the most important things, and that’s what we are experiencing now every day. We focus on our health, we focus on our families, we focus on each other and help each other to stay healthy and stay protected, and that’s very important.

If you want to learn applying these and other laws of nature you and your team to improve profit, improving efficiency, start your 14 day of free trial.

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