Herku Lean Six Sigma Centre (HERKU®) was founded by Peter Herku in 2008 for the purpose of helping companies with practical solutions and technology to become more and more efficient in serving their customers better every day. HERKU® provides easy-to-use problem-solving tools to every employee to empower them to work ON the business instead only IN the business. In this way long-lasting operational challenges are solved within a few weeks, reducing lead-times, increasing predictability of quality and delivering thousands of $ profit.
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Our Mission

It is our mission to inspire and enable people in the organisations to continuously improve themselves in order to deliver better quality more efficiently and with lower costs. For this we use a simplified version of Lean Six Sigma method, in a way that both employers and employees love it.

Our Focus

Our focus is to strive for a culture in which the customer is at the core and employees are continuously and proactively seeking to improve their daily work in order for the delivered services or products to be increasingly better tailored to the demands of your customers.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to “keep it simple and practical” so that everybody can contribute to improvement. We have developed a slim version of Lean Six Sigma, called Simplified Lean Six Sigma, which concentrates on those 20% of tools that are most effective (and easy to use) and yield at least 80% of the result.

Our services

Herku offers HerkuXL® Lean Six Sigma training at different levels and for different roles, coaching and support for the implementation of improvement projects and internet-based tools to easily manage your projects (HerkuLess®)  and measure customer or employee satisfaction (HerkuTrack®).

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