If yes, you want to move from “A” to “B”.


The “A” situation

“A” is the situation where your results are average, your people just do their job, complete their tasks and go home. Nothing changes. Everything is just the same, week in, week out. Your team has got used to the way they are: mistakes, inefficiencies, wasted time, meaningless tasks are perceived as “normal”, as part of the job.

Improvements and solutions to process issues are expected from higher management.

The “A” situation is not where you want to stay.


The “B” situation

If you want to achieve growth and sustainable financial security for you and for your company, this is the place you want to move towards.

In this position your team works on quality and efficiency improvements on a continuous base. Mistakes are reduced, unnecessary tasks are cut out to save time and money for both the customer and for the company.

Improvements are coming from teams gathered around bottle-necks, and operational issues. Those project teams are empowered to change processes for the good of the company. Managers are there to bring in focus, company-wide alignment of goals and to remove roadblocks from the project teams.

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