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Latest strategies and tactics on LEAN, Six Sigma and other process improvement tools

Continuous improvement requires continuous learning.

These books are specially created just for that.

Profitable Empowerment

 Follow this practical step-by-step guide

Read the collection of strategies and tools to make your company better. Our years of experience is condensed in this book that you can read in a few hours and apply it right away.

Ignite your team and organisational performance

Get clear structure to implement the tools described in this book for increased results, predictable outcomes and consistent quality with less hassle along the way.

Simplified Lean Six Sigma™ in your hands

Years of experience in different industries and hundreds of projects and students, the Simplified Lean Six Sigma proved its effectiveness many times over. Learn about the 20% most effective Lean Six Sigma tools that help you solve 80% of your business challenges.



Simplified Lean Six Sigma™ Manual

Get a quick start with improving your work processes

Save time and money by using this written manual on how to apply LEAN and Six Sigma to your particular work situation. Action speaks louder than words. Start using this workbook today.

Follow the structured, methodical approach

Stop wandering around and follow the outlined steps of this manual. With detailed explanation of every phase, every tool within the phase and the most important success factors, you are ready to succeed.

Bonus included: LSS Kaizen board user manual

Make process improvements long-lasting by running regular Kaizen board sessions with your team. The step-by-step process of how to do that is included in this workbook. This is an important key for continuous improvements.


HR Disconnect - When the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing

Create better alignment between HR processes

Stop creating additional work and align Recruitment, Employee on-boarding and Exit Interviews. Find out the key elements to better manage these processes.

Trends, tips and tricks for improving HR

Benefit from our extended research on the most relevant trends in HR. Compare your situation to these trends to find out where you can improve the efficiency of your HR processes. Tips and handy tricks are provided to enable you to change.

Cost of replacing employees

Calculate your costs when employees leave your company. You will be shocked. This E-book contains a very precise calculation formula based on 15 years of research. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Reduce costs and improve quality. HerkuLess® is here to help.

Years of experience in different industries and hundreds of projects and students, the simplified Lean Six Sigma proved its effectiveness many times over. One of the key success factors is how you are supported in your business excellence efforts with technology and expert coaching. This gave birth to HerkuLess®, the first web based application specially designed to help you follow the steps during your project execution and to get expert coaching along your journey.

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