Did you know it is possible to increase productivity by 30%? And to save time by up to 40%? Just by looking at your tasks, activities, at your work process. By taking out steps that don’t add value to your customer or your colleague – to the end-user of your output.

Why would you do this?

  • It saves you time, which you can use for other things
  • It saves time/money for your customer
  • It will increase the quality of your output or services

If you were in the position to employ somebody. Who would you employ? Someone who just carries out his tasks or someone who constantly seeks for possibilities or opportunities to increase the speed of his work, reduce lead times or enhance quality?

You can learn how to do these with Lean Six Sigma, using only a handful of tools. I have selected those 20% of easy-to-use tools that can be applied in 80% of the situations.

So if you want to take the chance to improve your value on the marketplace, to get a better job or to earn more, I can help you with that. You can lean these practical methods at http://herku.com/greenbelt

Don’t let this opportunity pass by … be part of the selected group that will not just carry out their work, but also look at ways to improve it.

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