Green Belt Certification

“I learned it is a very good way to solve problems together with other colleagues from other departments. This system involves everybody and everybody benefits.”


Credential overview

Herku’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt credential is specially designed for those process- and business improvement professionals
who run improvement projects besides of their daily job.

These are some of the concepts you should understand to get certified:

  • Be able to mange your Lean Six Sigma project team
  • Apply the most important tools during the DMAIC roadmap
  • Explain your team members (Yellow Belts) the core concepts of each problem-solving method
  • Advocate continual improvement in your department


Certification Requirements

Here are the requirements and quick facts about certification:

  • 80 multiple-choice exam completed at
  • 120 minutes allotted to complete the exam
  • 80% is the passing score
  • Registration fee is 100 EUR, plus applicable tax

* Documentation in



  • Retake fee is 50 EUR, plus applicable tax
  • Own Lean Six Sigma improvement project completed*
  • 1 video presentation of the final results (max 15 min.)


Sample Questions and Project Results

This sample question is representative of what you can expect to see on the Green Belt exam. More samples are available upon your request.

Most important part of your Green Belt certification is the proven results you have achieved. Typically your results should be around improving quality (reducing mistakes, reducing scrap rate, reducing variation) and/or improving lead times (reducing set-up time, increasing speed, removing non-value-added steps).

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