LSS Leadership Certification

“My team sees now where the real problem lies, they are better in problem-solving. I see a change of mind and that is a big step forward.”


Credential overview

Herku’s Lean Six Sigma Leadership credential is specially designed for those managing process- and business improvement professionals.

These are some of the concepts you should understand to get certified:

  • Basic principles of LEAN and Six Sigma
  • Strategic implementation guidelines
  • Formulating project objectives aligned with business goals
  • Key characteristics of Lean Six Sigma project managers


Certification Requirements

Here are the requirements and quick facts about certification:

  • 80 multiple-choice exam completed at
  • 100 minutes allotted to complete the exam
  • 80% is the passing score
  • Registration fee is 100 EUR, plus applicable tax

* Documentation in



  • Retake fee is 50 EUR, plus applicable tax
  • Creating 5 Lean Six Sigma improvement projects aligned with the strategy*
  • Issue of a new reporting schedule with subordinates to ensure continuous improvement
  • Issue of an internal presentation (.ppt) on continuous improvement program with LSS


Sample Questions and Additional Documents

This sample question is representative of what you can expect to see on the LSS Leadership exam. It correspondents with the Black Belt exam but more errors are accepted. More samples are available upon your request.

Most important part of your LSS Leadership certification is the demonstration of your vision on continuous business improvement. Preparing a presentation on this subject for your employees, identifying major LSS projects to achieve business goals and setting up the right reporting/meeting structure will prove your LSS leadership skills.

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