My name is Peter Herku and I’m expert in Lean Six Sigma process improvement. This is my story. Read here how and why I became involved with Lean Six Sigma.


My background

I have a chemical engineering background. I started chemical engineering in Hungary at the Technical University of Budapest. Later on I moved to the Netherlands where I have lived for over 22 years now. I got married to a Dutch lady and we have 3 children of our own now and 2 foster children. After finishing Technical University I started in Finance in the petrochemical industry, moving on later to other specialty chemical industries. I stayed working in Finance for another 12 years.


Improving? – not much

In Finance my drive was all the time to find out how to improve profitability, how to improve productivity. That was my main interest. The problem was that I didn’t know how to come to solutions together with other operators, welders or other employees, because if you are manager, you are sitting behind your desk and come up with solutions you think will work and you talk to people doing the day-to-day job and you find out that you don’t understand each other, you are not from the practice. So it was not very successful in terms of process improvement, until …


Lean Six Sigma

Until I learned Lean Six Sigma. Leann Six Sigma is a combination of two improvement methodologies. Lean is from Toyota and besides cultural improvement, it focusses mainly on reducing time, reducing waste in all work processes. Six Sigma is from Motorola and later from General Electric. It also focusses on process improvement, but mainly from a quality point of view: reducing variation, reducing mistakes in the processes.

I learned Lean Six Sigma and became a Black Belt, applying LSS in countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, running all kind of projects like improving quality, reducing waste in manufacturing processes, improving packaging, reducing customer claims, etc. Then I understood that LSS is a very powerful method, because I was able to work together with manufacturing people, with operators, and we talked the same language and were looking together for solutions to reduce costs and improve quality. That’s why I didn’t want to turn back to Finance, because I saw my impact as a LSS expert is much bigger. That is why I’ve remained active in this domain – for over 10 years now.


What is in it for you?

I’m telling you all this, because I would like to help you in your work. Help you reduce the time you need to do your work. Help you reduce your activities that don’t add value for your customer, but that you do because you are used to it and it was always done like this.

There will be more blogs and videos coming to give you an idea how you can improve the quality of your work or your productivity, without increasing resources or time. I hope you will enjoy them and will start improving yourself!

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