My name is Peter Herku and I am a Continuous Improvement Officer. My job is to help people and organisations improve processes.

Just imagine … everybody in your company is working on improving their working processes:

  • Quality would improve.
  • Mistakes will be reduced.
  • Deliveries will be on time.
  • Processes will run more quickly.
  • And in the end – costs will be reduced.

Wouldn’t that be great!

Get your people to work on improvement in Marketing, Sales, Production, Services, Product development, Dispatch, Logistics or any other department. Get everyone to improve. You will see your company transformed!


This is the area of my expertise. I help companies improve. On average I can help companies to improve productivity by 30 – 40%.

How do I do this?  To make improvement happen, I use the Lean Six Sigma methodology. This is a tried and tested method, which ensures great results.

You might have heard of Lean or Six Sigma and be worried about it being complicated and using a lot of statistics. I have adapted the method, by focusing only on 20% of the tools, which give 80% or more of the results. I have made improvement SIMPLE for you!


Click here to learn how to use LSS in a practical, useful way:

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