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How Lean Six Sigma is related to your work?

You’ve probably heard about Lean Six Sigma and all the benefits this methodology provides, if not, we’ll tell you what it is and how it can help you get better results at your workplace. We can say that Lean Six Sigma is a method that allows the company to analyze...

How To Make Customers Happy

My personal story on losing my iPad and the keys on improving customer satisfaction I’m telling you this story from my car, sitting in a traffic jam on the way back from the Düsseldorf Airport and, to express it mildly, I am NOT happy. With the holidays we flew, with...

How To Run Projects To Improve Your Business?

If you think of projects, you think of a group of people working together to achieve a certain objective, like setting up a website, building a new software application, starting a new branch, etc. Lean Six Sigma projects are similar. It also means a group of people...

All you need to know about Lean Six Sigma Belts

Like in Karate the colour of the Belts in Lean Six Sigma corresponds with the level of the performer. There are three main levels: Yellow, Green and Black. Yellow Belt is the first level, where you get a basic understanding of the methodology, the steps and the...

How to Cut your Waste and Improve Productivity?

Lean Six Sigma is a very effective method to tackle a broad range of problems in your company. I have made this method more efficient and accessible by only using 20% of the methodology to solve over 80% of the problems. What problems can we think about: reducing lead...

War on Waste – join my mission! Copy

I declare my “war on wasted efforts” in our work.
I would like to remove all the unnecessary actions, tasks, activities that we are used to do but has no value for those we are doing it for.
I would like to make my and your working life better. More fun and joy.

5 ways to identify your best Lean Six Sigma project

Choosing the right project is the main influencing factor in achieving success with Lean Six Sigma. In my career as Lean Six Sigma coach I have made many mistakes in choosing the right project using time pressure or learning as a fake excuse.
Starting with the wrong project will have several negative consequences. Read more about these consequences and find out how to select your best LSS project.

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