Lean Six Sigma is a very effective method to tackle a broad range of problems in your company. I have made this method more efficient and accessible by only using 20% of the methodology to solve over 80% of the problems. What problems can we think about: reducing lead times, reducing time spent on a process, improving on-time delivery, improving quality, reducing mistakes. In the end of the day, if you improve your efficiency, you will reduce your costs and improve your financial result.

This time I want to talk about how you can improve your productivity. Whether you run a company, a department or you work in a company, you can increase your productivity by at least 20%. Without additional costs. Without additional working hours. Without any additional investment. At least 20% of your capacity is wasted currently.

What is it wasted on? On issues you’re not really aware of, like: looking for documents, looking for materials, asking your colleague again, etc. You can define wasted activities like this: If you would put them on your invoice, your customer will say: Hey, wait a minute. Stop doing that. I’m not going to pay for that!

To find out how to cut your waste and improve your productivity, visit www.herku.com/herkuless. Sign up there for the available free Demo video. This Demo will help you find these 20% that you can cut out to increase your productivity, save money and increase your output.

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