Hi I’m Peter Herku and I help companies to use Lean Six Sigma to improve their efficiency, financial results and quality. If you are interested in improving your financial results, improving the overall efficiency of your company please visit: https://herku.com/cig and start using Lean Six Sigma.

Lean six Sigma only for Experts?

Clients come to me because they would like to improve their results and their efficiency. They are established companies with an annual revenue of at least five million dollars and at least 30 employees in the company. They are frustrated, because they think that Lean Six Sigma can only be used by some very clever, very high educated employees – high flyers let’s say. I tell them, though, that that is actually not the case. Lean Six Sigma has an image of a method full of complicated data analysis tools and statistics. I tell them that the image they have about Lean Six Sigma is wrong. It’s not their fault, it’s because of the media coverage. Many websites and many Lean Six Sigma companies use the method as a statistical methodology. If you want to use basic Lean Six Sigma in much more practical way, basically with no statistics at all then visit: https://herku.com/cig.  Here you can find a really practical version of Lean Six Sigma.

My Experience

This brings me to a story where I myself was following training in Lean Six Sigma, a classical training as you would normally get. I studied statistics at secondary school, I studied statistics at the university in Hungary when studying Chemical Engineering and I did an MBA degree, also including statistics. In spite of that, when doing my Black Belt training, it was still quite a challenge for me learn Six Sigma statistics and apply them. I could manage it, that was not the problem, but going back to the company after five weeks to apply Lean six Sigma, I had to work together with colleagues to reduce the scrap rate. We were producing about 30-35% scrap. I couldn’t use my statistical knowledge there, because my colleagues did not understand me, they had a much lower educational level. I had to work together with them, though, otherwise we couldn’t solve the problem. Then I realised that those statistics are nice, but are only required in maybe 10-15% of the situations.

My Solution – Simplified Lean Six Sigma

In the past 12 years of involvement in process improvement I hardly ever had to use my statistical background. That’s why I put together a much simplified, condensed version of Lean six Sigma that everyone in a company can use. Whether you work in accountancy, inventory, marketing and Sales, healthcare, client administration, HR or IT – it doesn’t matter – you can use Lean Six Sigma to reduce the time you need to complete your work, to improve the quality of your work and to reduce the costs. So if you are interested in applying Lean Six Sigma in a very practical way, go to: https://herku.com/cig

We have a very special offer there, with a dramatically reduced price, so you can take advantage of that.

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