effective consultation

45% less transferals per day

By specifying the content of the transferal reports at this care institution €42,000 per year could be saved and 3.4 hours per day were freed up to spend for clients.


At a certain location of this care institution 13% of the total work time of employees was spent on transferals and filling in reports.


At this location 22 transferals took place per day, each with a duration of 14.5 minutes. This meant, in total, that 5.3 hours per 24 were spent on transferals. The cause of this was that the intended content of the transferal reports was not clear for the employees. Because of this they experienced this as a waste of time.


By applying the Lean Six Sigma methodology the total number of transferals was lowered with 45% (from 22 to 12) and the the duration of them was shortened by 31% (from 14.5 minutes to 10). In total 3.4 hours per day were saved and could be spent on extra care and attention for the clients. The total potential savings of this project consist of € 42,000 per year.

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