Examining Efficiency

By ranking and redistribution of tasks at the client administration within this care institution for elderly, 40 hours per week could be saved.


Within this care institution a high work pressure existed and many mistakes were made during the procedures. The employees had a very high number of tasks, but it was unclear which tasks had a higher priority. There also was a lot of switching per day: 42 times per day a new task was started, with an average length of 13 minutes per task.


After a thorough analysis by our Lean Six Sigma consultants the following causes came to light as the most important: the day was started with checking email, telephone calls and mail, so that productivity wasn’t optimal. Furthermore there was a need of ranking and redistributing tasks.


After implementation of Lean Six Sigma emails are now generated automatically and are taken care of twice a day, instead of during the entire day.
Employees are available by telephone only until 13.00, after which they can continue their activities without being interrupted. The tasks are now handled in order of priority. In total 40 hours per week were saved.

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