Facility management

55% less mistakes in housekeeping

By implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology the number of mistakes in housekeeping decreased with 55%.


The problem within this care institution was that there was no objective definition of what exactly could be classified as “clean”. The general rooms therefore did not always meet the standards.


After setting up a trustworthy measurement system by our consultants it was discovered that 88% of the total mistakes in housekeeping was a form of waste mistakes. The most important causes were the lack of a measurement system, uniform training material and periodical education about the general standards.


After implementing Lean Six Sigma this organisation now has a trustworthy and objective measurement system. Nowadays a complete multi-media training is given to new and existing employees about the general standards of cleanliness.
There are now 55% less mistakes (from 9.6 to 4.3 mistakes per day)

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