Streamline financial processes to exceed stakeholder expectations

“We reduce reporting time and improve data quality to serve our managers more effectively”
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Seek out customer feedback and adjust reporting to enable better business decison. Working on Finance excellence starts here.

Business partners and line managers need easy to understand, live data, presented in a way that it supports their decision making. Finance processes need to support this. Empower all your finance and administrative staff to deliver lean and customer friendly solutions using Herku platform to remove non-value-adding activities.
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Uncover gaps between your reporting performance and customer requirements

Your finance job is more than doing the books. Your business partner requires better service, faster. Using our platform enables you to identify the area’s where your finance process the most urgent improvements needed.

Empower you finance and admin team to deliver better answers, faster

Facilitate your employees to make smart decisions together, based on facts to serve all the stakeholders better.

Visualise and communicate your key performance indicators

Determine, measure and visualise the most important performance indicators in order to monitor your overall finance and control processes.

Evolve together with your business partners in increasing self-management

Delegate more decision to your team to increase flexibility and to align more with the rest of the organisation.

Support your Finance & Administration team to deliver better service on any part of your processes.

High-performing Finance teams are:


More likely to shorten Planning&Budgeting cycle and improving forecasting


More likely to use IT solutions like auto-booking and digital invoicing


More likely to provide non-financial KPIs on business dashboards.

See more in our "State of Finance Management" report.

See what advancements can you make on your finance processes with Herku.

Want to improve and align all staf functions with the business? Here is how Herku can help you.
Your company is like a clockwork: cogs are turning each other. In the same way improving financial and admin processes lead to improving other parts of your business like Payroll, HR, Operations and beyond.

Customer Success Spotlight

Customer U Finance spends less time on number crunching and more on advising

“Planning and aligning better all the activities and data streams required to finalise our reports helped to add more value to the business lines and provide them with better services.”

Meet the Herku process improvement platform that helps you achieve Finance Excellence.

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