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Discover the critical elements of an effective Lean Six Sigma training program.

Based on the survey held among Black- and Green Belts projectmanagers.

The basic principles of LEAN and Six Sigma

Learn the differences between LEAN manufacturing and Six Sigma. See how to identify the different projects to start. SIGN UP NOW >

Find out what makes a LSS training stick

See what survey results among Black- and Green Belts reveal about a good process improvement training. SIGN UP NOW >

Avoid the common mistakes: case study

Introduction to a real-life situation of an big company. See how to avoid common mistakes when starting from a wrong angle with Lean Six Sigma. SIGN UP NOW >

Apply Lean Six Sigma in the right way

Benefits of this improvement methodology strongly depends on the extend it supports your strategic goals. SIGN UP NOW>

Special Report

Value of Lean Six Sigma certificate and how to prove it

Learn about the following:
  • What you need to know about LEAN and Six Sigma
  • What is Yellow, Green and Black Belt
  • How to find the best projects for certification
  • What are the phases of DMAIC

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