You’ve probably heard about Lean Six Sigma and all the benefits this methodology provides, if not, we’ll tell you what it is and how it can help you get better results at your workplace.

We can say that Lean Six Sigma is a method that allows the company to analyze itself by detecting its own obstacles and wastes and getting the best capacity tools to improve performance and organization.

In Lean Six Sigma the level of the performer is represented by color belts as it is in karate. There are three main levels: Yellow, Green, and Black.

Yellow Belt: as it is the first level, you get a first approach to the methodology, its steps, and its structure, until you have a basic understanding of it. With this belt, you will be a valuable team member in improvement projects and you will also be able to explain to your colleagues how Lean Six Sigma works and how it is applied using certain methods and processes in which you will take part of.

You will also be able to understand and execute different tasks that have relation to the project, including data collection, measurement system analysis, etc.

Green BeltWith this belt, you will have the necessary knowledge related to the methodology and the capability to apply it as the leader of your own process improvement team. You will also learn certain things like how to choose your team, how to make a plan and complete the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) phases of it.

We are referring to this Green Belt as a practical certificate, of course, you can obtain a theory certificate but it will only fit as a paper that can help you when you are looking for a new job. The practical certificate shows that you have the capacity to apply the Lean Six Sigma in the real-life demonstrating that you have led a team to the success in at least one project. This means that you will not just know the theory but that you also have the necessary skills to put that theory into practice.

Black Belt: the requirements for black belts are not the same for all training providers. That’s why, once we have studied some projects and hundreds of yellow and green belt cases, we can determine that black bet has:

  1. The ability to handle Lean Six Sigma Projects.
  2. Have lead at least two complex projects with savings that rounds the 50K USD each.
  3. The ability to train, teach, and coach others, especially by helping green belts to develop their projects.

That’s why black belts are considered as leaders that have the ability to apply the methodology to their own projects and also transfer their knowledge to other projects in their company. Both of these areas should be well dominated in order to get a black belt with us.

We give Black Belts to leaders that have successfully completed a complex project by their own with significant savings, but that has also helped a Green Belt by providing coaching until this project is successfully completed.

So, if you would like to start the Green Belt of Lean Six Sigma practice, go to our site and sign up to get your practical certificate. Get online training and test the knowledge you have with our online tests. You should get at least 80% to approve. You can complete this process on your own at the speed and time that better fits you. When this is complete, we will guide you through your first real-life project. It will be important for you to have a coach and avoid wasting your time thinking about what you should do next

You are welcome to join us!

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