Hi, my name is Peter Herku. I help companies to become more efficient and more productive but not not in a way that you would think. Before I start I would like to offer you an opportunity. If you also like to improve your processes and increase productivity, please join my class. We will do a Black Belt training with coaching to make sure that you apply everything that we will teach you. So if you are serious about it go to Herku.com/blackbelt, choose the enterprise plan, fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you. Not everybody will be accepted, but we will really look into it.

Source of frustration

My clients tell me that they run into problems while trying to improve. They tell me that they are frustrated because they have many improvement efforts running, but many projects don’t deliver results. They feel overwhelmed by the enormous tasks of improving processes. Their people get frustrated and team members get tired, because just they don’t know whether their efforts make sense, whether they achieve results with the project. I can imagine, I really can imagine. I’ve been in the same situation – that you work on something and you just don’t know whether it makes sense. You don’t know if you are really improving the process that you are working on.

Importance of Data

What I tell them is that first of all, before they start with the project, they have to make sure that they improve this situation. I tell them that they have to make sure that they measure what they want to improve. That’s the whole thing. It reminds me of being in the gym yesterday and I realizing that I really need to measure my improvement, because if I don’t do that, I get frustrated as well. I like data, I like to see how I improve in all areas of my life, also in the gym. That’s why I joined e-gym, a new service of the gym. With a tag, the machine can measure your performance, the maximum weight you can lift. It will really track my progress, which stimulates me to do better, to improve. That’s the whole aim! If you want to improve a situation again, if you want to reduce lead time or reduce mistakes in a company, improve quality – make sure that you measure the performance! collect baseline data to enable your team to see their achievements, to see the improvements they made.

Black Belt Class

If you are serious about improving processes and you want to master it, you can become a process improvement Black Belt with Lean Six Sigma.  Please, go to herku.com/blackbelt and complete the contact form at the Enterprise plan. We will get in touch with you and we can start a group of, probably, five Black Belts. We will spend time coaching them to make sure that we can provide help at every step on the way and make sure that results will be achieved.

Go improve,



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