Overseeing the functionality of an assigned team, planning, controlling, executing, monitoring, and making projects successful from the beginning to the end are just some of the main objectives of project managers and team leaders.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that a person can complete all those tasks with no overcharging their agendas or taking more time than the one they have available. With this considerable amount of things to do it is really common to see frustrated leaders and managers that cannot achieve their personal goals which have negative effects on their team’s efficiency.

If you are looking for ways to maximize your productivity with no overcharging your working hours or spending too much time in your office, these tips will show you that your organization is the key for you to do more with no doing an unnecessary extra effort:

Start with the most crucial task. One of the best ways to organize your time is by starting with the most difficult thing you should do. This tip will help you to don’t postpone a task to another day, it means that you will lower the number of pending things. For this tip to be helpful you should keep in mind the deadlines, importance and some other details that will determine which task is more urgent, paying attention to them or taking advantage of some gadgets and electronic tools will be really helpful to complete as many tasks as possible.

Plan everything you have to do. It is probable that you have already heard the term To-Do List but you maybe don’t know how effective they are. They help you to stay focused on what you should do at the time it helps you to remember what you should do next. It is important to don’t saturate the list in order to don’t get frustrated by the number of things you should do. Even you can do the list on a piece of paper before going bed it is preferable to do it in digitally on your computer in order to keep it close to you the whole day.

Don’t multitask. If you think that doing more than one thing at the same time is the best way to complete a bigger number of activities, it is a fact that you are wasting a couple of minutes. The human brain has not the ability to do more than one thing at a time, instead of being more effective you are reducing your capacities over 40% because of stress and mental fatigue. Learn to single-task is the best option and it just needs you to organize your ideas and set your priorities.

Choose a productivity tool to organize your tasks. A tool that can help you see the status of the tasks you or your team are already performing can help you have a better track of your progress. It will also be useful to provide feedback to your team and solve their issues, see deadlines, track time and observe your projects behavior.

These are just little tips for you to organize your time in the best way and discover that everything you have to do in your office to get better results is to commit with your job and set the appropriate time for every single task. It is not how many hours you work, but how many things can you do at that hours. Take advantage of as many tools to organize your time as possible and don’t forget that organization skills are some of the main common characteristics successful business owners have.

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