Maybe you could think that investing in increasing your capacities requires great expenses of money and time. But in fact, what you really need to do to achieve it is to improve your processes.

There could be different ways to improve your processes but one of the most important is LEAN. This method also known as LEAN manufacturing or LEAN production minimizes the waste of time while boosting productivity.

Even though this term was developed by Toyota in the 1990s and it was initially related to their production system, it is nowadays applied to many other industries including administration, marketing, care, etc.

With LEAN you reduce the lead time of your process when eliminating all those steps that are not necessary and don’t add value to clients. Those details like spending too much time on repairing mistakes or looking for information should be included in this area because they are taking up space and money that could be used in another task. Added to those, there are some other processes that you and your company do and that does not actually add value to your activities.

When using LEAN you can easily identify those activities that are consuming your time and that are reducing your capacities. If you eliminate these unnecessary process you can save from a 20% to 40% of your capacity which means that you will be up to a 40% more productive. This productivity boost will be reached using the same machinery, the same software, and the same amount of people which means that will not need to spend more money nor human capacity.

If you think that adding machinery, updating your system or hiring new employees is the only way to increase the capacity of your company, it could be better if you think it twice. These changes will have an immediate effect on your profitability.

Every day we help companies to increase their capacity by following this useful method. If you are interested in learning how to do it you can go to HerkuLess and let us help you to do the same with your company.

Here you will learn about increasing capacity while working on your own project. You will gain knowledge and perform your skills while improving your company in the same process.

If you don’t have a personal project you can join one of ours in order to have the experience and get the necessary knowledge. We consider that it is more important to have a first-hand experience that is related to a case in the real world, more than just learning the information that is in books.

Learn how to boost productivity, improve and make faster processes to get a more profitable business without buying new machinery, hiring new people, and of course without making unnecessary extra expenses.

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