Hi my name is Peter Herku and I help companies to become efficient and productive by achieving a continuous improvement culture. What does a continuous improvement culture mean? It means that they move from a point  where they have employees fulfilling only their minimum required tasks into a company where everybody is understanding that they have to improve their performance, the quality they deliver and the time it takes to deliver. They learn a method to improve every day. It’s not only in a certain part of the company, only a few people who work on projects, but everybody from administration to reception, from financial department to production, from engineering marketing, everybody really knows how to improve their own work. If you want to become a company where everybody is working every day on quality improvement, efficiency improvement please go to https://herku.com/contact and we will get in touch with you to help you achieve this new company culture, this continuous improvement culture.

Modern day management

Clients come to me because they would like to change the situation where managers manage by giving orders – they tell employees what to do and employees have to do the work. That’s old-fashioned. My clients come to me because they are frustrated there are not enough employees, no team of managers to manage like this. Their financials are  getting tighter and they realize people like to think how they can do their best in their job. They don’t like to be told how to work. If you are a company like those who are working in a strict hierarchical way based on authority instead of engaging people to think for themselves, to solve problems for themselves, I think you would like to change. There is no better culture then continuous improvement where everybody is engaged and everybody is motivated to think about how they can change the way they work for the benefit of their customers, for the benefit of the company and for better results. Please go to https://herku.com/contact, contact fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you to help you take the steps you need to change your organization.

Three pillars

About the steps – there are three main pillars you need:

  1.  a method – an easy-to-use method that everybody can apply in their work regardless of their status, regardless of their educational background. The method provides you with certain steps that will help to move from the current situation to an improved situation, where less mistakes are made, processes are simpler, easier to follow and shorter and at the end financial results are better.
  2. organize coaching in your current hierarchy. This means that your managers, your coaches, your team leaders, who are responsible for a set of employees, for a team or department, they have to coach their employees on using the method as it will not happen by chance. You could start with an external consultant, but in the end you have to make sure that your leaders and managers coach their employees on applying the improvement method in the work. If you are for example responsible for the financial department, you are CFO or Financial Controller, then you have to coach your team on applying the improvement method so that, for example, you can close your books faster than before, or you can prepare your monthly financial reporting in a shorter period of time. This will not happen by chance. It’s great to have a method, but you have to also coach your team on using the method.
  3. Make it part of your routines. You have to regular exercise using this method, have regular meetings, have regular discussions on the status of the projects. If this is not part of your programme, if it’s not scheduled on a weekly and monthly basis, you will forget to talk about the improvement projects that your people are working on. You have to schedule it and make a habit of discussing the progress of the projects. Make it part of your weekly and monthly meetings.

Easy-To-Use Method

As for the method – don’t use a difficult method full of statistics as Six Sigma can be. I have prepared an easy-to-use Lean Six Sigma version that doesn’t require, basically, any statistical background. That could be an option, but there are many other methods like Kaizen, Lean or whatever. You should choose a method that is easy to use.

If you want to talk about this, if you want us to help you change your company culture to the 21st century where every part, every employee of your company is working on continuous improvement,  improving the quality of their work, improving the efficiency of their work, to reducing the costs – go to https://herku.com/contact, fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss all details.

Thank you

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