Where are you at with your Company or Department?

Most companies are at a certain level and are concentrating on executing their daily tasks and facing their daily problems.Their results are often average and they are not really improving.Problems in executions of tasks are seen as part of life, as a normality in the workplace.
At the same time lots of discussions happen around the problems, often driven more by emotions than by facts.
Problems are solved on an Ad Hoc basis, by managers who think it is their job to solve problems. They solve details, often without looking at the bigger picture and without preventing the same or similar problems to happen again and again.

If your Company is in such a condition then there is GOOD NEWS for you:

You CAN move your company to another level!

Imagine your company at a level where improving efficiency, quality, results is part of the day to day work.Your employees will not only perform their daily duties, but also work on continuous improvement of operations.They don’t accept status quo – they work to reduce lead times, costs etc. They see the problems and work in a strategic way to solve them. Improvements are made based on root cause analysis.
The team is important. It is not the managers resolving problems, they might not even fully understand, but the people that have the knowledge about the problem and are confronted with it in their work.

The teams working on improvement are empowered, which means that they analyse, come up with solutions and are given the power to change processes, operations for the good of the company.

You want to know how to move from an average company to a company that improves continuously?

I have written a short book in simple English that can help you.


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