Smarter HR management starts with better processes

“We are constantly seeking out better ways to serve our managers more effectively”
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Align all your processes from recruitment, employer branding, on-boarding to exit interviews with your business partners. Working on HR excellence starts here.

Today’s managers, business partners, expect HR services to be as instant and easy as their personal conversations. Empower all your HR employees to deliver lean and customer friendly solutions using our platform to remove non-value-adding HR activities. When you do, your partners will be happy and engaged.
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Identify gaps between your HR performance and customer requirements

Doing HR job is more then executing activities. Your business partner requires better service, faster. Using our platform you are able to identify the area’s of your HR processes where the most urgent improvements needed.

Empower you HR team to deliver better answers, faster

Help your HR employees to make smart decisions together, based on facts to serve all the stakeholders better.

Be transparant measuring your key performance indicators

Determine, measure and visualise the most important performance indicators in order to monitor your overall HR processes.

Evolve together with your business partners in increasing self-management

Delegate more decision to your HR team to increase flexibility and to align more with the rest of the organisation.

Support your HR team to deliver better service on any part of your processes.

High-performing HR teams are:


More likely to reduce HR lead times and saving overhead expenses.

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More likely to implement advanced technological solutions.


More likely to measure and improve business partner satisfaction.

See what advancements can you make on your main HR processes with Herku.

Want to improve and align all staf functions with Herku? Here is how.
Your company is like a clockwork: cogs are turning each other. In the same way improving HR processes lead to improving other parts of your business like Payroll, Finance, Operations and beyond.

Customer Success Spotlight

How HR department of Customer W is reducing admin time and optimise employee on-boarding.

“Taking a closer look at what we do and how it is received by our business partners helps us to reduce mistakes and non-value-added activities.”

Meet the Herku process improvement platform that helps you achieve HR Excellence.

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