Increasing capacity without investing money. This sounds too good to be true. It is possible, though, by improving your processes.

Here comes LEAN, originally developed by Toyota. It is also known as LEAN manufacturing, but LEAN can also be applied in many other industries, like administration, marketing, care, etc.


With LEAN you can reduce the lead times of your processes. You do this by eliminating the steps that don’t add value to the client in the process. Time you and your employees spend on repairing mistakes, looking for information, producing too much or not the right products. You will have to put those in your inventory, they are lying there, they take up space or money. There are many, many activities that you do in your processes that don’t add value.

Using LEAN you look for those activities that eat time and therefore block capacity. Without these you can save up 20-40% of your capacity! So you can produce 20-40% more output with the same input. With the same number of people, with the same machinery, with the same software. All this without investing any money on extra capacity.

So if you are thinking of adding machinery or employing more people in order to increase capacity – think twice! You can free up 20-40% of your capacity just by working differently, by removing those unnecessary activities. Like this you can increase your output, while keeping the costs the same. This will have an immediate effect on your profitability.

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