Hi my name is Peter Herku and I help companies companies and individuals to improve their work, to improve their efficiency and the quality they provide. I don’t do it the way you would think, I do it in different way.

Before delving into that – if you are serious about improving the efficiency of your work and improving the quality that you deliver, whether you work in manufacturing, office department, administration, sales marketing, it doesn’t matter – I would like you to go to www.herku.com/cig to learn more.

Lean or Six Sigma?

My clients come to me and ask whether they should use Lean (Lean Manufacturing or Lean Management) or if they should use the Six Sigma method. That’s a big question that I often get from my clients. They are established companies with a revenue of at least at least five million dollars and they are used to working on process and efficiency improvements, working in projects – but they are frustrated because of all the information available on these methodologies like Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma. They feel a bit confused, maybe overwhelmed with the information available. They talk to their peers, to other companies in the branch and find that one uses Lean, another uses Six Sigma, the third uses even a different method. They are frustrated and don’t know what to do.


I tell them that instead of choosing between Lean and Six Sigma, why not use both! They are both very good methods to help any company, any department or any process to decrease the lead time, to reduce the time it takes to deliver a product or service. That is basically the Lean part of the methodology, where you look at your process and identify steps that don’t help the customer at all, steps that are a waste of time like: looking for information, asking a colleague about the same thing for the third time, correcting mistakes, piling up inventory that is not being sold, moving inventories… All these are really excellent examples and could be removed out of  any process. The Lean methodology can help to identify these non-value-added activities to improve the process.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is excellent in making processes visible and transparent by measuring outcomes. It makes huge use of data, facts, that will help anyone in any situation to be clear about the performance of any process. When you measure you can improve! You will find ways to reduce variation, to reduce bad quality, to reduce quality problems, rejects off spec materials, reduce scrap if you produce something. Six Sigma can help to identify those problems and make them measurable and ensure good quality with a higher predictability.

Use Both

That’s why I tell my clients to use both Lean and Six Sigma. that’s what I tell to my clients so if you are serious about wanting to improve your processes and you want to take the first steps, please go to www.herku.com/cig and learn how to get started.

Just to recap: Don’t choose between Lean or Six Sigma, but use both. Both are very good methods that complement each other. When applied well they will help you to change the culture of your company in the long run. In the short run they will help you to reduce mistakes, improve quality and and reduce lead times. So for the first steps go to: www.herku.com/cig

Thank you

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