My name is Peter Herku and I help companies to implement Lean Six Sigma, become efficient and to deliver better quality in a shorter time. I have been doing this since 2006. Before I start talking about how to improve your company – if you would like to learn how to use Lean Six Sigma and other improvement methodology to deliver better results to your company or to have better quality delivered to your customers in a shorter time against lower costs, then go to, fill in the form and we will get in touch with you.


Just for manufacturing?

My clients come to me with the question that they want to improve their performance. These are established companies with annual revenues of about 15 – 20 million dollars and at least 25 employees. They want to improve their performance. although they already doing well financially. They realize, though, they can’t continue to work the way they were used to – that everybody comes to the managers to ask for solutions to the problems. They can’t afford running a company where people are not self-supported and self-conscious about how they can individually improve their own work everyday. That’s why they come to me and they tell me that they are frustrated because they want to improve, but they don’t know whether Lean or Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma is applicable in their specific industry. As you might know Lean Six Sigma is originally from a mass production environment and many of my customers are involved in healthcare. They are often really lost in lots of information available on the Internet and are not sure whether to get involved with Lean Six Sigma or not.

Every industry

We help making things clear to them. I tell them that Lean Six Sigma is based on several principles, laws, that are applicable in every industry, in any situation, regardless of time. Examples are: the Pareto Law, the Parkinson Law, working in teams, using data to improve etc. I could mention more than 15 basic laws and principles that are applicable in any industry, whether you are working in manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance or education – it doesn’t matter. Those principles are universal, that’s why they are called principles and laws. It doesn’t matter where you work, if you have a customer, if you have processes and if you do not work alone – then you are already in a position to use Lean Six Sigma.

My Experience

Let me tell you a story about this. I used to learn Lean Six Sigma in a manufacturing environment with a German machine manufacturer, but during my five weeks of training I already started running my first projects not only in production but also in the transactional area, like claims and customer complaints when using or our products. I already realized that Lean Six Sigma can be used in every environment and in every industry. Later on, when I started my own company, my first healthcare customer wanted to use Lean Six Sigma. He wanted somebody from outside the healthcare industry to make sure that the consultant would not have the answers, but only the questions. So that the consultant could really think outside of the box without being ‘hampered’ by any knowledge in the field. He would really need to use Lean Six Sigma in order to deliver results. That’s how I came in the picture and got involved as a consultant at this healthcare company for elderly people. I was able to use the same method – I knew I could but I was not sure in a sense that I had no tangible results yet of myself using Lean Six Sigma in healthcare. The first project came in and we had really good results! 42% increase of the productivity of district nurses. Very good projects improving onboarding of new nurses, reduction of the administrative burden when including new clients in the organization. Very good projects and I used exactly the same method that I learned in a manufacturing company. That’s the proof that Lean Six Sigma is applicable in a very different industries because it’s based on the same core principles that apply irrespective of your industry or your position or the time.

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