Introduction to Lean Six Sigma gives you all the fundamentals you need to know about today’s very effective problem-solving and process improvement tool. You will learn the background of and the main differences between LEAN and Six Sigma and how to use them in your daily situation.


Who should take this course?

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma is designed for any people looking for ways to improve themselves, their organisation and their community.


When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what is LEAN and what is Six Sigma
  • Describe the benefits of using this method
  • Introduce the 5 main phases
  • Identify possibilities to apply the method



No special knowledge or experience required. It is preferable if you have working experience or you hold a job or voluntary occupation.

  • ½ day
  • Classroom
  • Virtual Live
  • All interested


Modules and Topics

Quick Intro
  • Short overview
  • Coping with challenges
  • Get measurable results
  • Experience working in a whole new way
The Background
  • Understand the background
  • Define Lean Six Sigma
  • Explore the 14 basic principles
  • Find answer to “Is it applicable?”


The 335 explanation of LSS
  • Serving stakeholders better
  • Continually improving in 3 area’s
  • Follow the roadmap
  • Share the work, share the reward
Real-life examples
  • Learn from projects from your industry
  • Discover cases for your job occupation
  • Avoid pitfalls during the process
  • Get your improvement-engine running

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