Like in Karate the colour of the Belts in Lean Six Sigma corresponds with the level of the performer. There are three main levels: Yellow, Green and Black.

Yellow Belt is the first level, where you get a basic understanding of the methodology, the steps and the structure of the method. This will enable you to be a very valuable team member of an improvement project. You will also be able to explain to your colleagues how Lean Six Sigma works and is applied within a certain process that you are part of. You will be able to understand and execute certain tasks related to the improvement project, like: data collection, measurement system analysis, etc.

Even if you are not in a position to run improvement projects it is often valuable to have a Yellow Belt certificate. It is a sign you know the basics about Lean Six Sigma.

The next level is the Green Belt certificate. This is the level that enables you to run your own process improvement projects, like reducing the process lead time or improving your on-time delivery. You will have the necessary knowledge about the methodology and the capability to apply it as leader of a process improvement team. You will know how to select your team, make a plan and go through the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) phases of the project.

I’m talking here about a Practical Certificate. You can also obtain a Theory Certificate, which might only look nice on paper, e.g. when you are looking for a new job. The Practical Certificate really shows that you have demonstrated your capability of applying Lean Six Sigma in real life by leading a team successfully through at least one project. It means that besides the theory, you also acquired the necessary skills.

Moving to the Black Belt certificate. Not all training providers maintain the same requirements for Black Belts. In my opinion, based on hundreds of projects, and working with many Green and Black Belts, a Black Belt has:

  • The ability to run Lean Six Sigma projects
  • A track record of completing at least two complex projects with savings of at least 50K USD each
  • The ability to teach and coach others. To help new Green Belts go through their projects.

So it is partly applying the methodology and partly transferring their knowledge and skills to others in the company. You need experience in both of these fields in order to obtain a Black Belt certificate with us.

The Black Belts I teach need to do at least one complex project of their own with significant savings and provide coaching to one Green Belt in their project till it is successfully completed.

So, if you like to start with the first practical level of Lean Six Sigma, which is the Green Belt. Please, go to and sign up for a practical certificate. You will receive online training and you can test your knowledge through our online tests. You need a score of 80% on these tests to qualify. You can do all this on your own, at a time and speed is convenient for you. After this we will coach you through your first real-life project. We will help you on your way. It will be important to have a coach in order to not to waste time thinking about what to do next.

So take a look at You are welcome to join us!

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