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These 2 products will help you make a big move towards your dream job:

Yellow Belt Certificate

If you look for a job, chances are you are going to be required to have some kind of Lean Six Sigma knowledge.

Recent job-survey shows that over 213,000 jobs in the USA require Lean Six Sigma knowledge. These numbers increased from 34,000 in just a few years.

Acquiring at least the basic understanding of Lean, Six Sigma is a prerequisite in almost every salary category and in every industry today.

Knowing the basics of Lean Six Sigma increases your chance to get your desired job. It gives you the chance to be invited for an interview in the first place. 

Yellow Belt Training with Certification provides you all the basic knowledge about today’s most effective problem-solving method.

In case you want more practical knowledge on how to run an improvement project with Lean Six Sigma, here is our best choice for you:

Green Belt Training & Project Simulation

If you want to have more practical knowledge on how to run a business process improvement project but you do not have the possibility to do it at your work, we provide you real-life simulation project.

First, you get access to the Green Belt theory of Lean Six Sigma. This will give you all the background knowledge you need for running your own project successfully.

Next, we provide you with a real-life case from our extensive project examples from our decade of experience. We make sure, this project fits your interest and background.

You will receive weekly information, simulating the real situation. Based on this info you will complete the documentation in HerkuLess.com, special Lean Six Sigma Project Management Software.

You get weekly feedback on your progress and get new assignment for the next week.

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