Smarter operational management starts with better processes

“We were able to reduce machine set-up time by 96%”
Production Manager Customer V  

Improve your on-time-delivery performance and overall quality

Business operations needs to be lean, flexible and flawless since customer requirements are putting more and more pressure on its suppliers. Continually working on Operational Excellence is the name of the game.
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Ebook: The latest trends in Operational Management

 Selecting the right Key Performance Indicators from customer point of view

Measure the right aspects of your operations to increase customer satisfaction. Align your metrics with your organisation.

Empower you operations team to deliver better quality, faster

Support your employees to make smart decisions together, based on facts to serve all the stakeholders better.

Visualise performance and keep everyone involved

Be open and transparent on goals and achievements. Let your team find new ways to improve.

Keep improving together. Share the vision of true north.

Move further on your journey with your operations team. It is not a destination but a journey toward excellence. REQUEST YOUR COPY

Involve and support your team to deliver better performance in any part of your operations.

The CEO’s of worlds top 500 companies say this about operational excellence:


Planning to work on operational excellence.


Ensuring consistent quality as top strategic objective


Use LEAN, Six Sigma or other process improvements.

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Find out more on how you can excel your operational performance with Herku.

Want better alignment and communication between all functions? Here is how Herku can help.
Your company is like a clockwork: cogs are turning each other. In the same way improving Operational processes lead to improving other parts of your business like HR, Payroll, Finance, and beyond.

Customer Success Spotlight

Improving operations increases profit at this Scandinavian company

“Between 25%-40% of our increased profit is due to our first wave Lean Six Sigma projects with Herku.”

Meet the Herku process improvement platform that helps you achieve Operational Excellence.

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