HerkuLess® Enterprise

$500.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

HerkuLess® – online Lean Six Sigma software specially designed to get improvement projects done quicker and easier.

  • Overview of all your projects in one glance
  • Progress status with color coding
  • Standardized and proven project structure
  • Built-in data visualization and analysis
  • Integrated with online Lean Six Sigma training
  • 24/7 online access from all of your devices

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  Basic     Pro     Premium     Enterprise  
Price /user/month $30 $140 $320 $500
Project managers 1 1 Min. of 5 Unlimited
Active projects (max) 1 2 50 Unlimited
Team members (max) 5 6 per project 8 per project Unlimited
Add-on (optional):

Training & Certificate

Additional price per month per person during certification period

Green Belt, $277 Yellow Belt, $27 Black Belt, $397

Green Belt, $177 Yellow Belt, $0

LSS Leadership

Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt

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Support Email Phone/email Priority Phone/email


Dedicated, Phone/email/on-site
Coaching Monthly 2-Weekly
Analytical features Basic Extended Extended Extended
ROI guarantees n/a n/a 100% 500%



Having an overview of what projects and activities are going on in your company is often a challenge and a time-consuming activity.

When you finally get an Excel list the next question arises: “What is the status?”. That can be even harder to tell without spending, possibly, hours looking for documents that are scattered around on your server and in your inbox.

Finally, after getting some insight into the progress of these projects, you realize that not all of them are clearly defined, or they do not follow some kind of structure. This makes it difficult to manage and support these projects.

HerkuLess® is built upon the basis of years of field experience by working with hundreds of companies and project managers and their projects from several industries.

First, we built it for our own help but now it is available for you as well.

HerkuLess® gives you full control over managing multiple projects or a Lean Six Sigma transformation program providing you with an up-to-date overview of projects, statuses, leadership.

On the individual project level, you follow a pre-defined project structure with built-in data analysis and visualization.  You do not need any other document when running your project meeting. No Word, no Excel or PowerPoint. This saves you a lot of admin time.

Your project team members have access to the project and can contribute there for faster completion and can prepare themselves prior to a team meetings.

In case you need more knowledge and background on certain elements of the method, you have on-demand online training available.

For a limited time, all the current plans come with dedicated online coaching and support to guarantee the fastest and most successful execution of your Lean Six Sigma project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go into debt to buy this product?

Whether you are completing your first Green Belt or Black Belt project to get your certification or you run a Lean Six Sigma deployment program in your company, HerkuLess® makes your life easier by providing you and your team overview, insight, and structure to complete your projects faster and with measurable results.

Why should I choose this product instead of another one?

There are many good project planning software applications out there but very few focus on Lean Six Sigma project management and execution. HerkuLess® goes even further by structuring for you only the 20% most effective tools that solve 80% of your problems. All the other tools and techniques are left out because you do not need them. 

Why should I buy it now instead of waiting?

Your need for a structured way to administrate your LSS projects will not go away. Buy Herkuless® now and you will start saving time and energy now.

Why should I pay more instead of paying less for a similar product?

Herkuless® is shaped specifically for Lean Six Sigma projects, is easy to use, and will save you loads of time and energy compared to other general project management applications. It also provides data analysis, so you won’t need Minitab or other statistical software anymore.

Why should I buy it from you?

HerkuLess® is a unique platform, specially designed to manage and execute process improvement projects. You won’t find it anywhere else. As an expert in Lean Six Sigma process improvements helping companies and professionals from all over the world, from Manufacturing, Technical Services,  Maintenance, IT, Healthcare industries, I know what works and what does not. Based on my years of experience I know what support you need to execute your projects.


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