This E-book gives you a great overview of the HR process, focusing on steps that often go wrong or inefficient. It provides great tips to improve the efficiency of your HR department. It helps you align the different steps in the HR process with themselves and with the rest of your organisation.



If we look at the HR processes at a high level, we see that in practice HR employees are mainly focused on the first part of the process: meeting the demand for new personnel.
Because departments within an organisation often reason and work from their own perspective and not from the point of view of the CUSTOMER (or employee in this case), the process is not efficient. There is insufficient feedback to the previous step and to all steps in the process. This is particularly a great loss if employees leave voluntarily without a useful, inquiring exit interview, asking for feedback. This E-book goes through the most important processes and encourages you to look at the current situation in your organisation, providing tips and insights for you to see what could be improved and how.


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