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Based on the condition of the patient, healthcare financier provides funds for healthcare provider to arrange the care patient needs. This budget needs to be spend on the patient and on the supportive tasks to make patient care available.

One of the teams at Vivantes was wondering if their group of patient got the right amount and quality of care as it is agreed with healthcare financier and care provider. Maybe some of their residents got way more care than their budget and others way more less.

Problem and Objective

Team of Oud Geleen, of the the residential locations of Vivantes, has started using HerkuXL® – the simplified Lean Six Sigma of Herku – and set up a project team to get insights in the deviation from the care budget per resident.

After collecting baseline data, it turned out that about 50% of residents got way more care compare to the agreed budget and plan than the other residents.

Analysis and Solutions

The main reason of this deviation had to do with the fact that healthcare employees did not know about the details of the budget and the related care plan per residents.

Furthermore, before applying HerkuXL®, there was no suitable measurement system available to measure care provided versus care planned. This performance indicator (KPI) was not available for monitoring and improving on it.

As a result the project team has came up with the following solutions:

  • Agreed to collect data on care provided vs. care planned on a quarterly basis
  • Provided education to existing and new employees about the details of care plans and care budgets
  • Bi-weekly meetings with a small group of healthcare professionals discuss the latest data per resident to agree on countermeasures for ensuring every residents receives the care according to their individual plan. This can lead to a) changing the care given or b) changing the care plan because it is not suitable anymore due to the regressive condition of the patient.


After executing the above improvement actions, the following results were achieved:

  • 42,6% lower deviation from the care plan based on the total population of residents of this location
  • In several cases residents had unsuitable care plans. This led to increased care plan and care budgets
  • Increase of income for the location was $110.639 per year.
  • Healthcare team now has better understanding and knowledge of the healthcare plans per residents and can better decide on their daily actions to make sure every residents receive the right care.

Similar projects

  • This project has been executed at other location (Urmond) with similar results: 41% reduction in deviation from the care plan, $78.252 increase in annual income
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