Providing Productivity

5% increase of productivity in home care

Upon implementation of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, the productivity of homecare improved overall by 5% by means of process management.


The average productivity of home care in this organisation is about 75% with a great variation with large outliers between 50 and 100%. It became apparent that the way home care is delivered in this organisation is not a stable process.


After thorough analysis by our Lean Six Sigma consultants it became apparent that (lack of) process management was one of the most important causes for the large variation in productivity. Furthermore knowledge of the usage of a PDA was insufficient and the instructions on how to use a PDA in various situations weren’t present. There also was a lack of feedback on the individual performance in homecare.


Upon implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology the average productivity in homecare increased by 5%.
Furthermore all employees got a control card with their personal target. Supervisors monitor productivity and give now monthly feedback. This project generated an extra € 61,500 per year for this organisation.

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