Reducing transport costs

€ 178,788 saving per year on transport costs.

The transport costs for this youthcare institution were increasing rapidly, with the risk of making the care unaffordable. With a solid analysis and well aimed improvement actions the travelling costs at two pilot locations were reduced with 57%.


The average transport costs per month at the two pilot locations are on average € 25,968. These costs increased by 72% within one year. The danger with this is that care becomes unaffordable.The transport company was also overtaxed, which affected the quality of the delivered service and reduced the quality of the care. The concrete situation:
Too little clients per ride (empty buses)
Too many clients use transport
Too many exceptions next to school transport (free-time activities)
Too many costs for travel escorts


Analysis revealed that the guidelines arranging transport and the assignment of it must be improved and supplemented. Also the implementation of the transport services needed improvement: better planning, analysing when escorting was necessary and looking into alternative ways of transport.
Furthermore, the communication between the care teams and the transport company had to be improved.
Finally it was necessary for the organisation to steer intently on reducing travel costs and monitor them to keep them low.



Guidelines are clearer and have been supplemented: it is now clear who allocates transport and when, who controls and monitors and who manages the transport process. Awareness and critical approach from the employees concerning transport have been increased.

On the pilot locations:

Start times of the programme have been made leading for the planning of transport.
Part of the clients will be picked up on foot
Part of the clients now travels alone with public travel, after being trained
Travel costs on these locations have been reduced with 57% to € 11,069 per month, which is a yearly improvement of € 178,788.

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