Registering Incidents

67% better registration of incidents.

Upon implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology data on incidents is now readily used in steering within the organisation and employees are instructed more clearly. This caused a decrease of 67% in incorrect reporting on fall incidents.


Within the organisation 60% of the fall incidents were registered with the reason “unknown”. To reduce these incidents a better, more detailed registration was essential.


After a thorough analysis of our consultants it was revealed that the purpose of the registration of incidents was unclear for the employees. Furthermore there were no given work instructions present and there was no steering on data by the management.


After implementing Lean Six Sigma it was possible to reduce the accidents with the reason “unknown” from 60% to 20% . Training was developed to provide clear work instructions, clarifying the purpose of reporting the cause of the incidents. Additionally a monthly meeting has been established to discuss falling incidents within the organisation.

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