Develop customer-centric services and agile teams

Increase customer satisfaction by providing high quality services in a timely and cost-effective way.

Start your journey on Service Excellence now. Involve your service and maintenance teams for sustainable growth and continuous innovation.

Increase service flexibility at no costs

Highly fluctuating service demand put pressure on your team capacity. Recruiting extra service employees is costly, it ties up capital and may not be fully utilised. Taking out wastes in your current processes creates additional capacity for more output without any significant investments. GET THE E-BOOK >

Engage and involve your service employees to sustain continuous improvement

Imagine…your service operation works on autopilot whether you are around or not. Your people solve difficult problems in a structured way, having constructive discussions, analysing facts and making decisions for the good of the business. WATCH DEMO >

Do it right the first time

Missing information from customer? Can not find the right documents or data? These daily mistakes became a normal practice in your service operation without even realising the huge impact on your quality, reputation and financial result. Get rid of those mistakes. ASK REPORT >

Start with Service Excellence by improving your housekeeping standards

It is not only about cleaning but organising workspace efficiently to avoid time-wasters and improve safety standards by default. Using 5 S and Total Productive Maintenance gives you the first boost in productivity and the right employee focus. WATCH VIDEO >

Discover all the ways how companies succeed with Herku.

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Maintenance and Service redefined with Herku
Redefine the way your service processes run and improve day-by-day with Herku. You have the knowledge and you have your workforce. You only need a down-to-earth method to cut waste and improve quality and productivity. And an automated solution. Years of experience in different industries and hundreds of projects and students, the Herku’s simplified Lean Six Sigma proved its effectiveness many times over. One of the key success factors is how you are supported in your operational excellence efforts with technology and expert coaching. This gave birth to HerkuLess®, the first web based application specially designed to help you follow the steps during your project execution and to get expert coaching along your journey.
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