Sick leave

48% reduction of sick leave

By implementing Lean Six Sigma this care institution was able to reduce sick leave by 48%


Within this care institution sick leave increased by 6% in 2010. This cost the institution in 2010 € 1.7 million (5% of the personnel costs) . This organisation noted a whopping average of 63 sick days per week on one single location of their locations.


After thorough analysis by our consultants it was revealed that a clear absentee policy was missing within this institution. There was no unambiguous execution, lack of data driven steering and no action oriented approach.


After implementing a Lean Six Sigma project for this organisation an absentee policy was set up and approved. This policy was presented to employees of the organisation. The project resulted in a decrease from 63 to 30 sick days by raised awareness and a lower number of long-term sick people on this location. Taking into account the results at this location, this policy will soon be rolled out company-wide.

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