Steer on data

€ 78,252 extra revenue per year by monitoring the amount of delivered care

By steering on these data it was possible to generate € 78,252 extra revenue per year, through the decrease of the care profile indication and the actual delivered care.


This care institution wrestled with the question if they delivered the right amount of care per client. There also was inclarity if the quality of the care was actually tuned to the care profile indication of the client.


After the analysis of our Lean Six Sigma consultants it was concluded that 71% of the clients received more care than the indicated maximum. This could happen because there was no regular data collecting in place, there was no steering on the data, expectation were not managed, there was not enough knowledge about the care profile indications and there was a high number of temporary employees.


By applying Lean Six Sigma an extra revenue of € 78,252 per year could be obtained.
An implemented measure consisted of a biweekly multidisciplinary consultation per client. Additionally an annual training about the content of the client care profile indication was introduced.

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