Strategic Planning

Align long-term goals with short-term objectives.

Refocus your objectives based on your vision and mission. Identify your strategic projects to achieve your short-term goals.

Create your future by preparing scenario’s

Identify your most important factors effecting your business by mapping, analyzing and prioritizing external market developments. Herku guides your discussions and helps defining a clear path for your future. WATCH DEMO >

Formulate your strategic goals the SMART way

Herku is specialized in simplifying complex, vague issues. Developing your long-term strategic goals based on your vision requires expert guidance, which Herku can provide. WATCH DEMO >

Sharpen your vision

Herku helps you align your vision and mission with the probable future scenarios. Develop a clear picture on your vision from your stakeholders viewpoint. WATCH DEMO >

Draw the roadmap to your business goals

Reverse engineer your short-term goals by identifying the biggest challenges holding you back at this moment. Herku translates your challenges into tightly focused strategic projects to achieve your business goals. WATCH DEMO >

Customer Success Spotlight

How Customer P has developed the road-map to future success.

“Herku helped our team to identify our main challenges and create our list of strategic projects we need to execute this year.”

Questions? Let me put you on the right path.

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