You Made It! Finally, This Is Our Best Selection Products For You And Your Team.

We’re delighted to offer you the best selection of our products based on you input!
These 3 products will help you solve operational bottle-necks with your team not only during this program but continually month-after-month.

Black Belt Certification

If you are a leader of a team, a departement, a division or a whole company, you play a crucial role in how your team will succeed with their continuous improvement effort.

You need to become the coach of your team instead of a “boss” who only gives orders. Black Belt certification program will give you practical tools to become a better coach and leader.

Next, you also required to have hands on experience and knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma method and its application. Running your own Black Belt project with our support will guarantee you a fast and successful learning experience.

Average Black Belt projects would deliver a yearly $100.000 to $250.000 financial benefit to the company, depending on the size and maturity of the organisation.

As a part of the Black Belt program, you are required to coach an other project manager (Green Belt) during his/her Lean Six Sigma project. This Green Belt is one of your ambitious colleague who wants to improve his/her career possibilities and develop hands-on leadership skills.

Green Belt Certificate

You are going to be the project manager of the team. You get full support from your manager, the Black Belt and you will be responsible to achieve measurable improvement with your project team (the Yellow Belts).

Don’t be afraid, you get our expert guidance during your project to make sure you apply the Lean Six Sigma method correctly.

And if you follow the steps, it is virtually impossible not to achieve significant, measurable improvements. Green Belt projects in general, deliver $10.000 to $50.000 annual financial benefit for the company. It all depends on its size and maturity, of course.

You, the Green Belt, is the leader of a team of Yellow Belts.

Yellow Belt Certificate

Yellow Belt Certificate is the proof that you have the basic knowledge of Lean Six Sigma: the main phases you follow with your team and the tools that you use during those phases.

Recent job-survey shows that over 213,000 jobs in the USA require Lean Six Sigma knowledge. These numbers increased from 34,000 in just a few years.

Acquiring at least the basic understanding of Lean, Six Sigma is a prerequisite in almost every salary category and in every industry today.

Knowing the basics of Lean Six Sigma increases your chance to get your desired job. It gives you the chance to be invited for an interview in the first place. 

Yellow Belt Training with Certification provides you all the basic knowledge about today’s most effective problem-solving method.

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