Timely registration

98% improvement in timely care registration
Due to sound analysis and aligned countermeasures, a youth care company has improved the administration of their care activities and avoided significant loss of funds.


At the pilot location the registration of working hours was on average only for 50.5% complete. Due to this low percentage less funding can be obtained from the municipality for the delivery of care. This could lead to job losses and ceasing of operations.


During a thorough analysis with the cross functional team the following causes were discovered:

  • Employees aren’t instructed well enough on how to complete their hour registration
  • Feedback, monitoring and intervention aren’t sufficient
  • The way of registration was too ambiguous leaving room for mistakes
  • The client profiles in the registration software were not set up correctly


The way of registration was simplified by:
Setting fields to show “present” by default to only register deviations from the standard. The team also reduced the number of codes to be used when registering to avoid confusions.
The client profile of the registration was adjusted, so that it indicates now exactly which group of client has their activity and when.
A system for monitoring and feedback was set up, so that mistakes can be corrected and excluded.
An annual loss of income of € 165,000 was prevented as the local government delivers the full amount necessary.
Registration of working hours.
98% improvement in registration of working hours.
With a thorough analysis and effective improvement actions this youth care organisation was able make a large improvement in the registration of working hours at one of their locations.

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